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Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is an experiential learning program that helps students acquire necessary skill-set by working on tangible projects that provide a practical application for what they’re learning.

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It is one of the flagship programs conducted by riidl to foster the spirit of innovation on campus. The student work in teams towards realizing solutions to problems or just exploring the world of technology. These teams are lead by experts from riidl, as well as mentored by researchers, professors and entrepreneurs from the riidl network. In the past, we have had projects like AI based garbage collector, Sketcher (selected for MakerFaire Rome) as well as projects that graduated into acclaimed startups like SquareOff.

Who is this program for?

This program is open to students across various institutes and backgrounds.

In case, you have a project idea of your own (including Final Year Projects/Thesis/Research etc), PBL offers you a platform to grow and provides you with the right mentorship and resources to take your project to the next level.

We understand that a lot of students are overwhelmed with the number of options available out there. To help such students, we have curated a list of projects and challenges students can work on.

Why riidl's Project Based Learning program?

Opportunity to learn and explore emerging technologies.

Financial support to develop the ideas to solutions.

Try and solve real life problems using Riidl Fablab Facilities.

Utilize your skills or further your education.

Internship Certificates, Letter of Appreciation, and merit based Letters of Recommendation.

Mentorship to develop the solutions into products as well as possible seed funding (Merit Based)

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