Bio Entrepreneurship Program

A Journey from Ideation to entrepreneurship from 27th April to 29th June, 2019

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Program Description

Bio-entrepreneurship program will focus on product development and go to market strategies. This program will run for 9 weeks and during this period students/individual/team will start from ideation to the product/prototype development and market research with a proper business plan. At the end of 9 weeks, winners will be declared on the basis of their performances and milestones achieved.

In the two months of time, the teams will be exposed to various mentors from technology, business and design verticals, also they will be taught how to do market research and make business plan. The teams will be given a specified budget and basic materials. If they need anything else depending on their product/ project design, they must bear the expense.

Eligibility Criteria:

Highly motivated Teams / individuals can apply Startup who already have a Proof of Concept / Prototype / Demo can apply to this program.


9 Weeks

Registration Fees:

INR. 1000 per team (Maximum 4 members per team)

Detailed Structure of the program

Week 1

Launch, Ideation with technical details

First selection will be here, the teams will be selected on the basis of their idea, design and technical implementation details. The results will be announced on Saturday of the current week.

Week 2

Prototype initiation

Mentors will meet them on Monday and evaluation will be done on saturday

Week 3

Prototype development

Teams will start developing their product/prototype and evaluation will be done on Saturday by mentors

Week 4

Prototype development

Teams will work on their product/prototype entire week and on Friday, core industry experts will come and interact with the teams to give their valuable feedback on the product. Saturday: Evaluation

Week 5

Prototype development

Teams will be working on the product and mentors will interact with them again mostly on friday. Saturday: Evaluation

Week 6

Prototype development

This week will be the end week of developing product/prototype. Teams can start testing their product from this week. Saturday: Evaluation

Week 7

Prototype/Product testing and modification

During this week, teams need to complete testing prototype/product and can modify their product as per the need. On next Monday second selection will be done on the basis of their performances and milestones achieved.

Week 8

Data collection and market research

The selected teams will move into this round. On tuesday, our market/business experts will teach and guide all the teams on “how to do market research and how to make business plan” for their prototype/product.

Week 9

Final business plan and pitch preparation

Teams will work on their business plan, final presentation and documentation of their product. Final presentation will be done on next Monday and winners will be announced by the judges.

We accept startups in the domain of





Benefits to the winners:

Benefits to the participants:

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