The exposure that one gets, into the industry world is through internships. At Riidl we bring you different internships in different arenas of your interest. Here, you get a pre-professional experience that are demanded by the competitive job market.

There are 3 types of internships that Riidl offers

Internship at Riidl

Interns at Riidl, work with the organization in the domain of marketing, Public-Relation (PR) and student-coordinator.

Internship In Projects

There are various projects that are being built and worked upon at Riidl. Interns in the project acquire the hands-on experience on the recent technologies associated with the project.

Internship at startups

The start-ups at Riidl invite young minds to work with them and contribute to the budding entrepreneurship era.

Benefits Of Interning At Riidl

Learning from our community partners, Facebook Developer circles, Google, IBM, IBG, Amazon, Intel, etc.

Connects you, with a global community of Entrepreneurs.

Get Mentored​ on various topics by experts.

Interact and learn from​ some of the best student talent across the Globe.

You will get an opportunity to pitch for project / startup funding or recommend a project / startup.

By completing an internship , students can prepare themselves for a future career in their respective field .

Exposure to interact with Multinational company executives.

Internship always opens new doors that leads to a new career thats satisfying and productive.

Strengthen your resumes, developing of a novel-perspective and skill-set.

Hands on Skills - You will learn skills like leadership, marketing, convincing,communication, social media marketing and the most important of all, team work!

A chance to assess your interest and abilities.

Certificate of Excellence,Goodies and exciting giveaways for top performers.

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