Code Adventure

Code Adventure is an App development Marathon.
An App development Marathon is a new concept in which student teams will come and create an app in a months time
(opposite to hackathons in which they have to create in a day or two).

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Event Structure

Event will begin in the last week of May (25th May tentative).

Week 1 - Ideation, Brainstorming
Week 2 - Design, Mockups, Initial development
Week 3 - Development
Week 4 - Development
Week 5 - Testing and Deployment

At the end of the 5 weeks, we will declare the winners.

Why App Marathon and not Hackathon?

The outcome of Hackathon is only a proof of concept and not the finished product.
The Marathon will produce the finished products (ready to launch in the market) under the guidance of the mentors.

Entry Criteria

Free Entry but teams should have hands on experience of Android development.

Outcome Expected

A good ready to launch product (App), potential startup for Riidl. Winners will get all the Incubation services.

Prizes and Rewards

Amazing prizes and rewards every week.

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