Contribute for Innovation

Darwin's theory states that only the fittest can survive and truer words have never been spoken. But do you know who the fittest really are?


Giving is the greatest act of Grace

The people who not only live and let live, but also prosper and let prosper, the sliver linings in the clouds of distress, they are the ones! You, are the one! In the ever evolving corporate world, we keep our pace and try to catch up with the latest trends and technologies. However, there are a few who have to struggle for their basic necessities on every other day. We have come up with a Skill Development Program to enable such people to lead better lives. To make a difference however, we need you contribution. Even a little amount of donation from you can change someone's life forever. We request you to help us build a better future. Workshops and courses like Startup School India, and Startup Bootcamp specifically tailored for leveling up Startups. Fab Academy and Bio Academy courses are taught for the development of essential 21st century work skills. Few of other initiatives of riidl are teaching laser cutting, 3D printing, and other Fablab facilities to rural kids and enabling them to create self employment opportunities.


Help us enable people to earn their livelihood. Financial donations from you in form of personal contributions, pooled donations, and company sponsorships are welcome. It is essential for us to provide our students with quality materials for skill development. Your contributions will help shape the course of lives of so many people.


Your help and support of our partners is the key to our success. We have always collaborated with our sponsors and investors without whom the success of our initiatives been impossible. We really appreciate the help and support received from corporate sponsors. The generosity of going out of their way in building bright futures is beyond words.


We make the most of every contribution. Our aim is to empower as many people as we can to earn a livelihood and lead respectable lives. However at the same time, we must strike a balance between the number of people and the quality of services we provide them with. In order to achieve that, we leverage local resources, and maintain low overhead. Our financial efficiency, accountability and transparency ensure the best use of your contributions.


If you have any out of the box ways or ideas in which you'd like to contribute, do get in touch with us. We can surely work out something to make your contribution count.

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