About DIY Biolab

We are India's first Do-It-Yourself biology lab where we encourage all the bio enthusiasts to develop their ideas into the prototype.

Access Biolab

Molecular Biology Lab

Real Time PCR1
Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 with Thimble Ducting
Microcentrifuge ( Refrigerated )
Water Bath
Deep Freezer ( -25 degrees )
Refrigerator ( 2-8 degrees )
Vortex Machine
MiniFuge centrifuge
Electrophoresis unit ( Vertical and Horizontal )

Fermentation Lab

Fermentor 50-100L
Peristalitic Pump
Autoclave - 100Litres

Analytical Lab

UV Spectrophotometer

Cell Culture Lab

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 with thimble ducting
CO2 Incubator
Flow Cytometer
Liquid Nitrogen Container for storing 3000 samples
Inverted Fluroscence Microscope
Multifuge Centrifuge for swing bucket and fixed angle rotors

Common Instrument Lab

Hot Air Oven
Hot Plate magnetic stirrer
Water Purification System
Ice Machine
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer ( -86 degrees )
Non Refrigerated Centrifuge
Weighing Balance

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