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Bio-Riidl provides multifunctional ventilated office and lab space, as well as general and technical, logistical and environment-technical support, to R&D intensive life sciences companies with high growth potentials.

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Bio Riidl Team

Gaurang Shetty

Chief Innovation Catalyst


Bhavna Pandya

Innovation Catalyst - Biology


Prerak Gala

Operations Executive


Suraj Mohite

Office Assistant


Advisory Committee

A good advisory committee is an intelligent shortcut towards success. We cannot thank them enough.

Shri. Samir Somaiya

Chairman, Somaiya Trust, Godavari Biorefineries pvt ltd.

Shri V Ranganathan

Hon. Secretary of Somaiya Vidyavihar and Chairman of Internal Audit Committee of National Association for the Blind, India, the largest NGO in the disability sector in India.

Mr. Rushva Parihar

Founder and CEO, YWATER

Padmashri. Dr. R. V. Hosur

Director: UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences University of Mumbai

Dr A. H. Bandivdekar

Consultant at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR)

Dr. H. Muthurajan

Associate Professor at National Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai

Mr. Maulik Jassubhai

Chairman and Chief Executive Jasubhai Group, Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Radha Taralekar

Medical Consultant, World Health Organization

Dr. Ranjan Mogre

An Entrepreneur, and Director of Analytics Solutions and Avatos Lifesciences.

Dr. Bhavesh Tiwari

Ph.D. (Bioanalytical Sciences), University of Mumbai Analytical Research Division, Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Ms. Shailaja Girishankar

Head of Microbiology Department, K.J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce

Mr. Malay Shah

Professor at VES Arts, Commerce and Science

Mr. Atul Aslekar

Director, Novalead Pharma

Mr. Faraz Kagalwala

Chief Finance Officer, Somaiya Trust

Dr. Sangeeta Srivastav

GM R&D Godavari Biorefineries pvt. ltd.

Ms. Gouri Ray

Legal department, Somaiya Trust


Recognition goes a long way as a motivation

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