RiiDL Services

RiiDL provides various services to the incubated startups. Some of the services are limited to incubation period whereas some extends up till startups get Series-A funding. These services helps startup to grow and facilitate their need during their early growth stage. For providing services to the startups RiiDL can charge upto 4-6 % equity.

In-house experts


RiiDL’s In-house experts provides professional or expert advice in area such as Information Technology, Electronics and Embedded systems, Microbiology, Marketing and Business Activities.

In-house expert’s primary role is to assist startup with certain areas of startups inclusiveness work. While the In-house expert may act as an educator, a catalyst for deeper change, a resource, or a facilitator.

Industry connect


RiiDL help startup connects to various industries in their incubation lifetime. Industries in both Private and Government sector including Manufacturing, IT etc. The responsibility of connecting startups to the industry will be of Incubation Manager and In-house experts. The industry can be potential client or a collaborator for startup. Startup can not force their requirement of connecting to a particular company of an industry, RiiDL can connect to any peer company playing same role in the industry.

Investor connect


RiiDL helps startup connects to potential angel investors and venture capitalists. RiiDL tie-ups with various angel and capital firms and has created a pool of investors for startup. RiiDL exposes startups in front of the investors on various stages of incubation. For the early stage startups following are the prerequisites in order to get funded.

Legal Support


RiiDL provides legal support to the incubated startups The legal support essentially comprises of:

Once the Startup is operational, RiiDL will partner with the Startup, to provide ongoing legal advice that is pre-emptive and proactive and tied to the business inflection points and strategic needs of the Start-Up.
The scope of this partnership will include the following:

Patent Support


RiiDL has a tie up with patent company who helps RiiDL startups with IPR related issues. These companies on behalf of RiiDL provides the following IPR services to startups :

HR Support


RiiDL provides basic HR support to startups that includes setting up the HR policy for their employees. RiiDL has a network of interns and freelancers as many students apply for internship in RiiDL and startups. Incubation Manager and In-house Experts can connect startups to interns / freelancers.

Cloud Services


RiiDL has a tie up with Amazon web services and IBM cloud to provide free cloud services to startups for one year. The In-house IT expert will cater this facility to startups. IT expert will help startup registering their domain and webspace and maintaining it on the cloud and provide basic training to the cloud services. IT expert will solve any queries of startup related to the cloud services during the incubation period.



RiiDL conducts various events to promote Innovation and entrepreneurship. Such as speed dating session, expo, pitch session, Maker exhibition etc. These events provide great networking opportunities to startups.

24/7 Access


RiiDL is open for startups and project innovators 24/7 but the regular timings are 10 am to 5.40 pm. If any startup / project innovator wants to work beyond these working hours then they have to get a key from Polytechnic hostel by showing their ID card. The one who gets the key from hostel must submit the key back by the end of the day i.e. before 12 am. If anyone wants to access any infrastructure or equipments they have to prebook it by filling up the form online or offline to Incubation manager.