Project Team Leader :

a. Name:

b. Date

c. Place

d. Institute Name

e. Email id

Project Title

1. Executive Summary:

a. A Brief Description of the project


2. Objectives/ Need name Project:

a. State the problem statement here + justification of the project

3. Project Description:

a. Technical details

b. Project Activities

c. Work Methodology

d. Work plan(Time schedule of activities giving milestones in a bar diagram):

e. Technical drawings

f.Final Product Renders

4. Expected Accomplishments and Indicators of Achievement:

a. IPR generation (state if any)

b. Entrepreneurship opportunity (state if any)

c. Technical Papers (state if any)

5. Inter-institutional or industrial links, if any

a. State the type of link/collaboration and attach a copy of any paperwork involved with a covering Index Sheet

6. Budget and Timeline:

a. External Grants Applied

b. Requirements

c. Phase wise Breakdown cost

d. Bill Of Material

e. Sources of Finance

7. Detailed Bio-data of applicants

Attach the template form here:

8. Proposal Review

a. Review Committee Suggested Members / Expertise Required

b. References/related patent publications

9. Additional Information

10. Terms and Conditions /Undertaking

Project Title:

  1. I have not submitted this or a similar Project Proposal elsewhere for financial support.

  2. I shall ensure that no item/equipment shown available in the Project Proposal from my Organization shall be purchased under the Project.

  3. I shall ensure the safety of all the items/equipment/team members available from my Organization.

  4. I undertake that idle capacity of the permanent equipment procured under the Project will be made available to other users.

  5. I have enclosed the following :

    1. Endorsement from the Head of the Organization (on letter head).

    2. Endorsement from the Collaborating Industry/Agency.

    3. Complete Project Proposal.

    4. Once the proposal is accepted, the team leader has to sign an undertaking for the project.

I Terms and conditions.